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Skin by Lovely’s Signature Aphrodite Lift®

If you’ve heard of Aphrodite from Greek mythology you most likely know that she is the goddess of love and beauty, but did you know that she is also the inspiration behind Skin by Lovely’s new signature treatment?

The ruler of love, beauty and fertility, Aphrodite is known for having strong, feminine power. Her own beauty was unparalleled, and as such, was the focus of countless Greek myths.

To us at Skin by Lovely, strong, feminine power is inspiring, and you know what comes from strong, feminine power? Confidence.

Yes, of course we love that Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, but what we love the most about her is that the things she ruled over did not make her weak or soft or ‘fragile’, they made her strong. They made her a goddess.

Full-Face Rejuvenation Treatment

Skin by Lovely’s signature Aphrodite Lift is our new exclusive full-face rejuvenation treatment designed to refresh, restore, and awaken your own natural beauty with a personalized combination of FDA-approved neuromodulators and dermal fillers.

aphrodite lift before and after   aphrodite lift before and after    aphrodite lift before and after

The Aphrodite Lift is known for:

  • Opening up the eyes
  • Reducing jowls
  • Smoothing skin
  • Providing an overall well-rested appearance

Skin by Lovely’s expert Injection Specialists tailor each Aphrodite Lift to suit the aesthetic desires of each individual patient.
Dermal fillers are used to lift and restore volume to temples, cheekbones, and undereyes while Neuromodulators are used to smooth and refine the skin for a beautifully rested complexion.

The end result? A customized treatment plan meant to inspire your own unique, strong and feminine power.

The Beauty of Beauty

aphrodite lift

Beauty means different things to different people. That’s the beauty of… beauty.

To us at Skin by Lovely, beauty is much more than skin deep. Beauty is about loving yourself, inside and out, and having the confidence to own exactly who you are.

Our goal? It’s simple really. Remind every single one of our patients that THEY are the goddess. They have been all along.

Schedule a consultation for your own Aphrodite Lift at our Portland, OR or Santa Monica, CA locations.

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