Wrinkles may look cute on baby elephants and puppies, but as women age, most want nothing to do with the annoying lines. Fortunately, scientists are discovering a simple tip can improve skin and even prevent aging significantly; eat healthy. In particular, a diet rich in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and whole wheat were shown to lead to smoother looking skin and an overall younger looking appearance.

Collagen is a protein found within the human body that gives skin it’s natural elastin. As women age, the protein production slows down and causes skin to sag and wrinkle. Even worse, this slow down can happen as young as 20. An easy way to prevent this is to eat regular servings of citrus fruits. All citruses are high in vitamin C, which, in addition to boosting your immune system, also boosts collagen production resulting in fewer wrinkles.

While citrus fruit protects the skin inside from wrinkles, tomatoes do their job on the outside by protecting the skin from harmful sun rays. A tomato get it’s red coloring from the pigment lycopene. In addition to coloring the tasty treat, lycopene is also a strong antioxidant that acts as a powerful and natural sunscreen. When tomatoes are included regularly in a diet, women have been shown to have far less sunspots and sun-related inflammation on their skin. This leads to overall healthier and younger looking appearance.

Citrus and tomatoes all add something to the skin, but it’s what whole wheat doesn’t do that makes it useful. Rather than being absorbed into the body quickly like white foods, whole wheat takes longer to digest. This means, unlike white food, whole wheat doesn’t turn into a burst of sugar. This is helpful to the body because when a burst of sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream, glycation, which stiffen collagen, is created. Once the collagen is stiffened, fine lines form. By switching to whole wheat pastas, rices, and bread, women can prevent this and lessen their chances of wrinkles.

Genetics were long thought to play a significant role in appearances. Recently, however, both doctors and scientists are discovering that the way women treat their bodies play a far bigger role. By treating the body well, women can expect to be rewarded with beautiful skin long into their lifespan.

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