When it comes to boosting your beauty and skincare results – particularly if you are looking to erase wrinkles – nothing compares to the power of LED Light Therapy.  Now Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica, CA is offering clients the opportunity to experience the revelation of this anti-aging treatment with our LED Light Therapy Facial.

So what is LED Light Therapy, and how do we use it in our new treatment?

LED Light Therapy has been around for a number of years; however, it was not until recently that it was used for its anti-aging properties.  First used by NASA astronauts and top athletes for its rapid healing properties, LED red light is used to kick-start collagen and elastin productions within the epidermis.  Because the red lights penetrate the surface of the skin, this stimulates collagen production without any pain or discomfort.  This works to eliminate wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, dark spots, acne scars and other blemishes that can interfere with your quest for youthful and radiant skin.

In addition to collagen levels, this deep stimulation also reduces inflammation and repairs damaged cells.  Therefore, LED Light Therapy is also ideal for back and joint pain, post-surgical scars, burns, and much more.

Let us take a quick look at why LED red lights are so effective at promoting collagen and elastin production, as well as numerous other medical benefits.  Multiple studies have shown that LED light wavelengths can help skin cells (including collagen production) to grow 150-200 percent faster than without light treatment.  This means that if you want to achieve a more youthful, glowing, and radiant look faster, nothing beats the stimulating power of LED Light Therapy.

At Skin By Lovely in Santa Monica, CA (also serving West LA areas, including Culver City, Malibu, Westwood and Marina Del Rey), we are proud to offer our clients our new LED Light Therapy Facial.  Our professionals utilize the power of LED Light to promote collagen and elastin production, thus helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.  Our LED Light Therapy is also perfect as an adjunct treatment to injections or spa treatments, as it also works to reduce any pain or discomfort.

With spring just around the corner, this is the perfect treatment to get ready for the special events and parties that come along with the new season.  Experience the rejuvenating power of Skin By Lovely’s new LED Light Therapy Facial in Santa Monica, CA. To schedule your next appointment or to simply learn more fill out the form in the top left corner or simply call 310-566-0858.