Video Transcript

Brittany: Hi. I’m Brittany White and I’m a nurse practitioner here at Skin by Lovely. And we have our patient here, we’re going to do some Botox on her.

So go ahead and frown for me.

So we’re going to treat her glabella with 24 units of Botox.

Raise your eyebrows for me.

We’re going to treat her frontalis with 8 units of Botox.

This is her first time getting Botox.

Smile for me. ¬†We’re going to treat each eye with 12 units of Botox.

She also has… her nasolabial folds bother her. So we’re going to inject her cheeks, right about here, and her nasojugal groove. We’re going to weigh and do the… we are going to do the filler in between and do the eyes for the Botox last.

Frown for me again. Okay and relax. Deep breath in, and out.

Frown again. Relax. Deep breath in, and out.

Raise your eyebrows. Relax. Deep breath in, and out.

Raise your eyebrows again. Relax. Deep breath in, and out.

Frown on this side. Good. Relax. It’s over here. 1-2-3.

Okay, again.


Patient: It just felt really weird. No pain. I didn’t even feel that one.

Brittany: Okay. Good.

Smile again. Relax. Deep breath in. Pain?

Deep breath in, and out. Pain?

We just finished with our patient here. We put two syringes of Perlane in her cheeks, one on each side to lift her and threaded a bit in her nasolabial fold. She also had a little tiny bit of volume loss right here in her prejowl sulcus, so we did a little bit of thread in here.

We also did Botox in her glabella, her frontalis, around her eyes, and in her jelly roll right here on each eye.