Chapped lips can not only make your lips look painfully dry, the cracks themselves can become painful to contend with as you wait for ointments and balms to take effect and bring back your smooth lips. You may actually be causing your own chapped lips in ways you may not even realize.

Licking your lips constantly is one of the way in which you can dry out your lips. You can also have dry lips as a result of eating too much salty food, wearing non-moisturizing lipstick or even applying astringent or tonic too close to the lip area. When you dry out your lips through these means, you are more prone to getting chapped lips that you then need to contend with.

Additional ways in which you may be contributing to your chapped lips is by not having protective lip balm on before going outside in cold and windy weather, having the temperature too high in your house, not having enough moisture in the air of your home or office or by biting on your lips out of nervousness. You can correct a lot of these external factors that are in your control by making sure stop the bad habits that can cause chapped lips such as licking your lips or biting them, turning down the heat in your home, always wearing protective lip balm when going outside and switching to a more moisturizing lipstick. You can even simply benefit by sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom to give your lips the moisture they need which helps to stave off dreaded chapped lips.

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