Making it through long days at work can be challenging, and especially when you tend to suffer from a lack of energy midday. You can use a few energy boosting afternoon exercises which can be done right at your desk to give a pop of much needed energy so you can make it through the rest of your day without having to hit the coffee machine too much.

One great way to get your blood flowing is to work on your facial muscles while sitting down. This is helpful as when your eyes are tired and feel as if they are not fully open, your whole body can feel sluggish. You can repeatedly open and close your eyes to stretch the muscles of your face and invigorate your skin which will help wake you up.

The rest of your body also needs to get some blood flowing through it to help increase your energy, and you can use a few simple moves to accomplish that. Raising your arms high above your head and stretching from side to side can get blood pumping through your arms and in to your hands. You can then raise and lower your legs while seated to get blood flow moving in the lower portion of your body as well. In addition, simple rotating your wrists and ankles can also get you feeling recharged and limber once again. When you move around, stretch and get your body loosened up while sitting at your desk, you will find you get a needed boost in terms of your energy level and you will then be better able to handle the rest of your day

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