Smog ages your skin!

Did you know that living in high traffic cities actually ages our skin at a much more rapid rate than country living? Recent studies have shown that air polution increases fine lines and brown spots.  These chemical are also very irritating to the skin and can exacerbate rocasea and eczema. Air quality is so important to healthy skin! We can’t pack up and move to save ourselves but we can halt this process with weekly exfoliation, antioxidant serums and a mineral sunblock.

1) Start with using a good nightly cleanser containing alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants.  If you are trying to save money try Burts Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap ($8).

2) Next apply an antioxidant serum. Look for one with organic ingredients containing Ascorbic Acid. We carry a few from the IS Clinical line.

3) Apply a rich night cream or my favorite, Argon Oil to help calm the skin and infuse it with nutrients.  We are now carrying Organic Argon Oil.

4) In the morning just rinse your face with water and a silky face cloth, then protect you skin!!!  Look for SPF with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. I love my Oxygentics SPF mineral make-up. It is loaded with peptides that help plump the skin while protecting it. We have this at Skin By Lovely if you are interested in trying it.