Sun damaged skin can happen to even those who have been adamant and consistent with using sunscreen. Some damage can occur through getting a sunburn even just one time. If you have sun damage, you want to make sure you talk to your dermatologist about a few key issues that you need to find answers to in terms of having the sun damage either removed or reduced in appearance so your skin can look its best.

The first question is to ask about the potential for the development of melanoma or skin cancer. Your dermatologist can assess the damage and use your personal medical history to determine what your risk factor is. This can then lead to a discussion about steps which can be taken to have the damaged skin cells removed or treated.

The second question you need to ask is in terms of fading the sun damaged spots so they do not mar your appearance. You can discuss topical treatments and products or even discuss the use of laser therapy to remove and reduce the sun damaged areas of the skin.

The third question to ask of your dermatologist is about better prevention measures which you can take to stave off additional instances of sun damage. Though may think that you are being very careful and cautious in terms of protecting your skin against sun damage, if you have patches of sun damage you may need to find new ways of better protecting certain areas of your skin for a more stringent approach to skin care.

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