The aging process is one that begins for women almost as soon as the teenage years come to an end. For many, the loss of flexibility and muscle tone is a sign that the aging process has begun, and that eaves many asking the question, is yoga a fountain of youth?

Though yoga can be used to improve flexibility and provide you with a calm and relaxing demeanor, it is not a way to turn back the hands of time. When asked ‘is yoga the fountain of youth?’; the most appropriate response is one that discusses the benefits of yoga, yet also notes the limitations of the practice. You may improve your body through yoga, however, yoga is not something that can remove facial wrinkles or make aging skin taunt and tight once again…obviously.

If you still seek the answer to the question of is yoga a fountain of youth, you may wish to have an assessment performed to best determine if yoga will be beneficial to you. You need to determine what areas of your body you feel need the most work, and then seek out treatment and exercise programs best suited to combat the signs of aging most pressing to you.

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