Why sugar is harmful for your skin

We love our sweets but it’s important to understand how sugar negatively affects our health and appearance. Sugar consumption initiates a process called glycation. Technically speaking, glycation occurs when a sugar molecule attaches to a protein or lipid without being regulated by an enzyme.  The result is tough, rigid tissue.  Ok….so what does that mean for our skin?  Glycation causes a break down in collagen which leads to wrinkles, sagging, a loss of elasticity and makes our skin more prone to sun damage.  Additionally, sugar causes inflammation and fluid retention, all of which encourage premature aging.

While using anti-aging skincare products can help protect against collagen breakdown, the best defense is to limit your sugar intake. Choose more whole, natural foods to fill your body with the vitamins and enzymes needed to maintain youthful skin and to enhance your overall health. To avoid a spike in your blood sugar, make sure to consume sweets as close to your main meal as possible and not on an empty stomach.

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