I am so excited to share with you my feature in Ocean Magazine titled “Immaculate Complexion.” In this article I describe anti-aging procedures and products you should be using to fight signs of aging in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

For each decade, I explain how your skin changes and what products you can use to fight fine lines and pigmentation, and boost collagen production. There are many topical products on the market that can make a significant positive difference in your skin’s appearance.

I also review the top aesthetic procedures for each age group. For example, you may know that Botox will relax your elevens between your brows, but did you know that we can use Botox along the jaw and in the neck to tighten your jawline and prevent jowling? Many patients love this treatment as they notice laxity developing along the jaw.

Or, we may think of lips and cheeks when it comes to dermal filler, but we can also use dermal filler in others areas that show volume loss over the years. Some of these areas include our hands, which lose volume over time; and earlobes, which have been stretched from years of wearing heavy earrings.

As you can see, there are many different signs of aging we can address with Botox or Dysport and dermal fillers. Combining these treatments with chemical peels and good topical anti-aging products will keep your skin looking great throughout the years.
The field of aesthetics is so exciting because there are constantly new products and procedures being developed. Pick up a copy or read online at Oceanmagazine.com to get all the latest and greatest beauty tips!