Alas! The cozy wintertime hibernating has come to an end. And with that sweater weather officially behind us, beach season is just around the corner! So you’re likely spending more time in the gym getting “beach body ready” or more time outside, enjoying Santa Monica’s delightful springtime breeze or Portland’s (slowly emerging) sunshine.

What does this mean for your skin? Well, for one, it means you’re probably perspiring more and as a result, clogging your delicate pores. But it also means you’re exposing your skin more frequently to the nasty pollutants in our air. Not to worry though; we have the perfect product for skin cleaning this spring and every season beyond.Refinement cleanser

Introducing: Refinement Cleanser – an au naturale face wash that should play a role in every woman’s (and man’s) skincare routine.

Refinement’s cleanser is an essential skin care product that’s both gentle and effective in stripping away life’s unavoidable sweat and scum. Perfect for purists, it’s made with plant-based ingredients, including aloe herbal infusion, coconut milk, and reishi mushrooms. It’s also safe for all skin types and boasts soothing, healing, and anti-viral properties. And the best news? You can toss that harsh makeup remover in the trash because Refinement’s cleanser effortlessly removes foundation, mascara, and lipstick too!

Throw the travel size bottle in your gym bag and be sure to use to immediately after every serious sweat session. Don’t forget to cleanse your skin with it every night either! Oh, and we must not forget to mention that this cleanser smells absolutely divine. So while you’re washing, enjoy that sweet scent of coconut milk and escape to a tropical island for a brief moment or two.

A delicious smelling and skin soothing facial cleanser that seamlessly washes away even your water-proof mascara? It’s not too good to be true!

Post contributed by: Leslie Thomas, Aesthetic Consultant