1) Start using an alpha beta hydroxyl acid face wash. Natural acids such as glycolic, lactic and citric assist in cell turnover, reduction in blackheads and help to reduce acne and brown spots. My favorite is Revision Brightening Face Wash ($25).

2) Vitamin Serums for your skin provide not only antioxidant benefits by combating free radicals caused by the sun but also assist in collagen production. Applied twice daily these keep our skin plump, smooth and supple! Olay Regenerists line contains antioxidants and skin plumping peptides! Also IS Clinical line is great for people with acne who need antioxidants in a lighter formula.

The Bigger the Better
Glamorous Hats

3) Find a glamorous summer hat. The bigger the better! Big sunglasses and hats can look great on the beach and also help keep you looking younger through out the year. Sun breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin causing premature aging. The number one complaint I here in practice is about sunspots on the face and chest! Baking in the sun in your teens and 20’s causes severe free radical damage. The best protection is a barrier like sunglasses and hats!

Dry Summer Skin
Fake a Tan and Use Healthy Protection

4) Dry Skin is a very common complaint and a huge factor in maintaining glowing skin. Try applying Argon Oil to the face instead of a moisturizer if your skin tends to get dehydrated. Try Eden Allure at ($30)

5) Find a great self tanner and tinted sun block. Most self-tanners on the face can cause breakouts so its best to use a tinted sun block and bronzer. SUN self tanner ($32) for the body is my favorite and Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Self-Tanner ($15) is another great option. Physician’s Formula facial bronzer is also a great choice with a reasonable price ($8).

6) If you already have sunspots or some discoloration on your skin then mineral sun blocks are best. They keep your skin cool and the zinc prevents the brown spots from forming. Try Blue Lizard Sensitive Skin ($8, available at CVS) or DDF Organic Mineral Sun block ($32).

7) If your budget allows it, opt for a chemical peel for a faster result. I use the Vi Peel ($300) or a 30% glycolic acid peel ($50-$120) from my aesthetician