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Meet Jordan Myers

Lake Oswego, OR Skincare Education Leader Licensed Aesthetician

Licensed Aesthetician and Skin by Lovely’s Skincare Education Leader, Jordan, has always had a passion for aesthetics.

She began her professional career as a makeup artist as it already came second nature to her. When she was introduced to laser treatments and medical-grade skincare as a patient, she knew she had found her calling!

Jordan’s first job in the aesthetic medicine field was working for a Physicians Assistant who performed injectables and laser treatments. From there, her knowledge about skin and her curiosity about the skin’s aging process grew every day.

In 2015, Jordan decided to make her lifelong dream come true and get her esthetics  license so that she could be the one providing patients with an exceptional experience.

“My goal is to create a safe space for you to talk about your skin’s needs, goals, and priorities, and to educate you on your best treatments and products that would best suit you. Skin is an ever-changing journey and I am ready to take embark on this Skin-loving journey with you!”

Q&A with Jordan

What products should everyone have in their skin care routine?

Start with the basics! Skincare can be very overwhelming but starting with the basics and getting into a routine before you add specialty products is always the best way to go. Finding an SPF that you love to wear every day, a good moisturizer with extra few bells and whistles, and a retinol are a great place to start. These products will hydrate, exfoliate, and protect your skin.

A moisturizer is meant to create a barrier to keep whatever hydration you already have- in the skin. A hydrator is meant to fill your cells back up with water. So, a moisturizer will act more like a band aid to the dryness of the skin and a hydrator is going to feel more like medicine to the skin. So, if you are dry and dehydrated it’s important to have both- to fill the cells back up with hydration and lock it in with a moisturizer. 🙂

  • You always want to apply your skincare products in order of weight. Serums are meant to penetrate so when you put your moisturizer or SPF on first, you create a barrier that the serum can not get past.
  • For your morning routine you would use: Serums first, then treatment products such as vitamin C, redness control, acne, or pigmentation products would go next, followed by hydrator if using one, then a moisturizer, and you top it off with an SPF.
  • For your nightly routine you would use: Serums first, then treatment products such as a redness control, acne, or pigmentation products would go next, followed by a retinol if using one and I love to cap my retinols in a thick moisturizer for nighttime.

Retin-A was traditionally used to treat acneic skin. So, it was an acid meant to sit on the surface of the skin, which is what causes dry, irritated peeling skin. We carry cosmetically elegant and encapsulated retinols suitable to everyday use. Retinol is one of the best products you can add to a regimen since it accelerates cell turnover, plumps fine lines and wrinkles,  helps overall texture and tone, while minimizing the appearance of pore size.

We carry encapsulated retinols meaning that they travel about 37% deeper into the skin and then the active ingredients are released. This means that the retinol doesn’t touch the surface of the skin at all and since it goes much deeper in the dermis it can pull up more sun damage than a traditional retin-a can, and you can typically use them more frequently without irritation.

UV exposure and hormonal changes are the two main causes of dark spots. Avoiding direct sun exposure and wearing sunscreen can prevent new dark spots from forming, while exfoliating regularly or using medical-grade skincare may help treat the existing spots you already have, a series of chemical peels can also make a difference over time.

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