It’s not that getting older is so bad. With age comes wisdom. It’s just we don’t want our skin to reveal how much wisdom we actually have. Our skin tells us the story of our lives. What if we don’t want the story to be one of sagging skin? Well, it can be changed. Without even going under the knife, or spending a lot of money.

Sagging Skin Is Thirsty

Hydration is life. If we drank as much as we are supposed to, many of our tiny aches and pains would go away. We are meant to be lubricated. The more water we drink, the better we look and feel. That’s how simple this one is. You can’t get around it, either. No one is immune to the benefits of water. So drink more water and watch how quickly you look and feel better.

Get Rid Of The Junk

How many cleansers and moisturizers do you have? Many women have ten or more bottles of something or other floating around the bathroom. They are supposed to renew and refresh and do any other number of things to our skin. The truth is, it is just too much. It’s time to simplify. Throw out the old and start a new skin care regime. Cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate. These are the only creams most people need. Your skin will say thanks.

Bye Bye Old Cells

Exfoliate your skin once a week. It feels good and will make you look good. Your skin will feel refreshed and so will you. When you exfoliate, your skin will be able to absorb moisturizer better. Getting rid of the old skin cells will also make your skin look smoother and younger.

Be gentle with your skin. It’s an organ we all have that takes a lot of abuse. Our skin knows karma. If we treat it good, it will reward us by making us look and feel good.

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