Finding new skin care products involves using some which have ingredients that have been found to be effective in traditional and even ancient forms of skin care. One such ingredient, pine bark, has been shown to have beneficial skin care properties that can translate in to better looking and feeling skin.

One of the main benefits associated with pine bark is that it contains naturally occurring, and high concentrations of, collagen. Collagen in the skin is essential in terms of having well nourished and taunt skin. The fact that collagen can break down in the body through the aging process and even due to sun exposure is one of the reasons why skin can start looking saggy or even lackluster over time. When pine bark extract containing products are used on the face and skin, collagen is better preserved and thus protected.
In addition, the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of pine bark can help to reduce the impact of free radicals and external exposure on the skin. This can help the skin look and feel younger. In fact, the additional benefits of pine bark can also provide for a reversal of such skin damage which can result in skin that looks younger over time with the repeated and regular use of pine bark extract.

Additionally, pine bark has properties which can help with reducing inflammation, and this can help to reduce puffiness of the skin and add to the overall look of the skin. When used on the face, pine bark can help to reduce and reverse aging signs such as fine lines and a sallow appearance; both of which are common when skin is in need of a collagen and oxygen boost.

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