Olive oil is one of those rare gems that is beneficial for not only your total well being, but is also ideal for skin care needs as well. The rich nutrients and emollients imparted on the skin through the use of olive oil can give you a radiant glow that is a sure sign of well nourished skin. Determining which type of olive oil is best for you requires you to understand the difference in the types which are commonly available.

The first differential in terms of olive oil involves where the oil is produced, and thus the types of olives used for the oil. Some of the most common types include Greek, California, French, Italian and Spanish. The regional difference provides for a different consistency in the oil due to the type of olives used in production.

The way in which the olive oil is produced is the other major factor used to distinguish between the different types of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil has the best quality, is derived by passing the olives through a cold pressing process once and has an acidity level of roughly one percent. The next best type of olive oil is virgin olive oil and is also passed once through a cold press; though less than premium olives are used and thus a higher acidic value is derived.

For skin care, you can use the best quality oil sparingly for deep conditioning of extremely dry and rough patches of skin. One alternate option is to use products containing refined olive oil as a primary ingredient, as the benefits of the oil itself will be found in the products and thus give you the healing and conditioning benefits inherent to olive oil.


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