The need to exfoliate your skin is one that is beneficial in keeping your skin clean, healthy and looking radiant. The removal of dead skin cells and even dry patches is why exfoliation remains one of the best beauty techniques that anyone can do on their own with the use of just a few simple tools. The need to exfoliate is actually one that is best suited for all areas of the skin, though some tend to fare better when exfoliated on a regular basis.

The skin on the face can benefit by being exfoliated routinely, as you can uncover the younger looking skin that lies beneath the top layer which contains the dry and damaged skin cells which need to be removed. Arms and legs are also ideal areas that can benefit greatly by being exfoliated. In fact, the knees and elbows need to be paid special attention, as the tend to dry out faster than other parts of the arms and legs.

Additional areas of the body that should be exfoliated include feet, heels, ankles, the derriere area and thighs. Feet need the attention as they tend to dry out and become scaly through walking and being in shoes all the time. The derriere and thighs benefit by being exfoliated as it helps to stimulate circulation and thus can help with cellulite issues while helping to keep the skin smooth and supple. The key for all areas that are exfoliated is that a gentle touch be used and that you never get over aggressive as this can cause skin to become red, raw and even inflamed.

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