Posture is not only useful for making yourself look taller and project a better, more professional image; posture can also effect your mood in various ways which you may have never even considered. You can actually change your mood at time by simply changing the way in which you sit and stand. Posture is one of the ways we express our feelings, as it takes a conscious effort to have good posture at all times.

By standing up straight and tall, and thus exhibiting good posture, you can elevate your mood through the feeling of being in control and self assured. Good posture can boost your self esteem and thus give you a renewed sense of self and purpose.

On the contrary, when you find yourself in a bad mood, stressful situation or simply exhausted due to the pressures of life; you may find yourself slouching over while sitting or standing. Though you may feel less than stellar, by hunching over and not keeping your back straight, you are actually further contributing to your downtrodden mood.

You can use posture to change your outlook and mood by keeping in mind that repositioning yourself to a more upright and positive position can change your mood in ways which will make you feel better. This is ideal when you catch yourself slumping over and take control of your body and straighten up. You will be amazed at how that one simple change in your body position can change the way you feel about yourself, your surroundings and even the situation you are in at the time.

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