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7 Aesthetic Treatments that Actually Work

Start looking into aesthetic treatments and you are instantly flooded with options. It’s difficult to know which treatments to pursue and spend your hard-earned money on. We know it’s tougher to be a consumer now more than ever before so we wanted to put together…

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The Best Time to Get Kybella

Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are turning, and pumpkin spice is back in full-force. It’s officially Fall, ya’ll. Fall is such a favorite because we can finally start putting those cute warmer layers in our closets to good use, and it’s the time just before…

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9 Must-know Facts about Kybella

If you’ve been on social media or watched the news over the last few years, chances are you’ve heard of Kybella®. Recipient of the "Breakthrough Award" from Allure Magazine in 2015, Kybella has been making headlines since its debut in the aesthetic market. So what…

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Kybella Q&A with Brittany Lehmann, PA-C

Q:     What is Kybella®? A:     Kybella is one of Skin by Lovely’s non-surgical injectable treatments that is FDA-approved to permanently eliminate fat in the double-chin area.  Kybella’s active ingredient, Deoxycholic Acid, is similar to dermal filler’s Hyaluronic Acid in that it is also…

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Lose the Turkey Neck, but Skip the Surgery

Double chin? Neck lines? Wattles that remind you of a turkey neck? Don't worry. We have solutions and none of them require plastic surgery! The same treatments we use for facial rejuvenation combined with a revolutionary fat-melting procedure can help you achieve a more youthful-looking…

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