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10 Questions with Jessica Barron RN

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and are interested in your first Botox experience or maybe you are looking for a new cosmetic injector — you need Jessica Barron RN in your life. Though, we’d argue that even if you weren’t looking for…

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Contouring has been a buzzword for years now. Mostly in the beauty industry contouring generally means to accentuate the appearance and shape of certain facial features. It typically refers to the cheekbones, but facial contouring can be used to emphasize the temples, nose, jawline, and…

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3 Products for Brighter Skin

Bright, glowing, radiant skin— the epitome of skincare goals.   Nothing screams healthy, enviable skin like a face that has zero makeup on and still looks amazing.   Sure, there are products out there like highlighters, glow lotions, etc.— but we don’t think you should…

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The One Thing I’m Leaving Behind in 2019

by Lovely Laban 2019 is here and I have decided to leave one thing behind. If you’re anything like me, you’ve felt some version of self-doubt. And self-doubt, lovelies, it’s tricky. It shapeshifts to fit each individual where they’ll feel it the most. For some…

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I’m a Feminist Who Gets Botox

You may find it interesting or down-right confusing to think that I'm feminist who gets Botox or that a feminist could be interested in aesthetic treatments. ‘Botox isn’t for feminists!’ and you may be thinking ‘I thought feminists didn’t even wear makeup…’ Well, I’m here…

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Self-Care is NOT Selfish

Why we all need to get over the ridiculous idea that taking care of ourselves is selfish because Self-Care is NOT Selfish! Women are expected to do it all. Give birth? ✓ Cook? ✓ Clean? ✓ Raise decent human beings?  ✓ Grocery shop? ✓ Bring…

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