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Lovely Laban’s 3 Winter Skin Tips 

Cold weather can be unkind to skin. Between the colder temperatures outside and the heaters running inside, our skin can’t catch a break. The result? Drier air = drier skin. Dry skin can feel tight, irritated, and inflamed, and can appear flaky, red, or rough…

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Skincare Enthusiast

It's that time of year again- holiday shopping season! We know you have enough on your plate this month, so we've put together this stress-free holiday gift guide for the skincare enthusiast because who wouldn't love the gift of great skin?! Keep scrolling for our…

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Best SPF for Your Skin Type

We know, sunscreens have a bit of a reputation. Mostly, they’re known for being sticky, oily, and generally unpleasant to wear. While there are some not-so-great SPF products out there, there are just as many (if not more) great options for you to try. If…

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3 Products for Brighter Skin

Bright, glowing, radiant skin— the epitome of skincare goals.   Nothing screams healthy, enviable skin like a face that has zero makeup on and still looks amazing.   Sure, there are products out there like highlighters, glow lotions, etc.— but we don’t think you should…

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Skincare Do’s and Don’ts for Fall

Summer has come and gone. Swimsuits and strappy sandals have been replaced with sweaters and booties, everything is comfy cozy. Except your skin. As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine! Do not worry- we’re not talking drastic changes, just some super easy-to-follow skincare…

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The One Product You Need for Summer Travel

Picture this: You’ve packed your bags, made it to the airport in time, caught your international flight (despite that horrendous security line), devoured your delicious snacks, then exited the plane ready to VA-CAY. But then you see it. Your reflection is no longer someone full…

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