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10 Questions with Marissa Abdo

As Lovely Laban’s first Injection Specialist hire, Marissa Abdo has had a huge impact on what Skin by Lovely is today. Now as the Clinical Administrator, Marissa ensures that Skin by Lovely’s clinical team and environment are fully-equipped to safely and effectively meet the aesthetic…

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10 Questions with Rachelle Michelon

Rachelle Michelon is cool. Like she is a cool girl. You know, the one that you always wanted to be friends with growing up, but then actually became friends because she’s just that inviting, friendly and nice. Yeah, that one. Rachelle is a Registered Nurse…

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Skin by Lovely Lake Oswego

You know when your friend tells you some reallllly good intel but then swears you to secrecy? And then you have to… keep the secret?!   The self-control required for something like that? Outrageous.   Well, that’s what we’ve been dealing with over here about…

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Allergan Top Ten Practice, Skin by Lovely™

Media Contact:   SANTA MONICA, Ca. & PORTLAND, Or. — Skin by Lovely™, a leading provider of medical facial aesthetics in California and Oregon, announces their top ten status with Allergan Inc., the makers of Botox®, Juvederm®, and Kybella®.   Out of over 30,000…

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Spring Skincare for Every Budget

This should come as no surprise, but in case it does, maybe you should sit down. Okay, you ready? Good skincare is usually… expensive. We know, we know- life just isn’t fair. But we’re here to tell you that you can have great skin AND…

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