Save your face while you sleep!

Prevent waking up to a face full of wrinkles

  • You know those little criss-cross lines under your eyes? That is from sleeping on your side or your face.
  • You know how one side of your facial “parenthesis” is deeper than the other? That is from sleeping on your side.
  • You know that deep line above your eye on your brow bone? That is from sleeping on your side or your face.

It is very hard to train yourself not to turn on your side or your face at night.  It will take time but it is worth the initial discomfort and within a week you will see how much better you look! My little trick is to put two small pillows under the sides of a large one.  That way my head is kind of stuck and I am less likely to roll. Another great trick is to use a satin pillow case which is much better for your skin, it creates more of a slip and is softer for your face. Good luck! Let it be your New Year’s Resolution for looking better! And it’s free!

File Under:Lovely says “DO Try this At Home”

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