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Safe Anti-Aging During Pregnancy

Life is never quite the same once you become pregnant. Your body is no longer your own as you become the nurturing vessel for the new life you’re bringing into the world.  This means that diet, exercise and lifestyle changes must be made, and your…

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Top Spring Skin Care Tips

In spring, temperatures soar, flowers bloom and the spirit lightens, but your skin could still be crying out for help. Winter's low humidity, increased wind, cold temperatures and heated indoor air rob your skin of moisture and leave skin looking older and dry. Rapid temperature…

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Spring Skin Cleaning With Refinement

Alas! The cozy wintertime hibernating has come to an end. And with that sweater weather officially behind us, beach season is just around the corner! So you're likely spending more time in the gym getting "beach body ready" or more time outside, enjoying Santa Monica's delightful springtime breeze or Portland's…

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