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Top Spring Skin Care Tips

In spring, temperatures soar, flowers bloom and the spirit lightens, but your skin could still be crying out for help. Winter's low humidity, increased wind, cold temperatures and heated indoor air rob your skin of moisture and leave skin looking older and dry. Rapid temperature…

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Cancer Fighting Minerals

Many people know that vitamins and some herbs can help fight cancer, but some minerals help prevent cancer as well. Here are some cancer-fighting minerals. Copper Copper is a trace mineral. Though it's known for strengthening the blood vessels, tendons, nerves and bones and promoting…

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Red Wine’s Health Benefits

Alcohol has gotten a lot of negative attention because it causes thousands of accidents and deaths per year. However, there is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine. In fact, there have been several studies done to confirm that red wine offers many health…

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Five superfoods to make a super you!

A lot of good and healthy food choices are out there, and you may need to whittle down the list of the top superfoods you eat regularly. In fact, the top five are those which are tasty, easy to incorporate in to many different dishes…

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