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Fear Not the Plunging Neckline

Skin by Lovely's Best Anti-Aging Neck and Chest Solutions You've taken amazing care of your face to present your most youthful and rejuvenated look, but your neck and chest area could be giving you away with lines, wrinkles, brown spots and loose skin. If you're tired of…

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Botox & Upper Limb Spasticity

Spasticity is a condition that alters the skeletal muscle, causing the sensation of pulling, tightening, or stiffness in the limb that is affected. Upper limb spasticity is a very common side affect of people who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury,…

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Botox and Urge Incontinence

Ever laugh, sneeze or cough, and pee your pants a little? You are not alone! This type of incontinence affects 15-60% of women, and even as many as 25% of young college female athletes. Even celebs such as Kris Jenner and Whoopi Goldberg have dished about…

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Botox and Hyperhidrosis

Botox and Hyperhidrosis:  Botox for Excessive Sweating If you’re one of the many people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating, otherwise termed hyperhidrosis, then you are not alone. According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, nearly three percent of people are unable to control their excessive…

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Botox and Blepharospasm

Have you ever had a nervous twitch in your eye when you are tired or stressed?  That is a blepharospasm. It can present as a twitch, tic or uncontrolled blinking of the eye, and for some individuals, it can become increasingly persistent over time.  This…

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