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Fear Not the Plunging Neckline

Skin by Lovely's Best Anti-Aging Neck and Chest Solutions You've taken amazing care of your face to present your most youthful and rejuvenated look, but your neck and chest area could be giving you away with lines, wrinkles, brown spots and loose skin. If you're tired of…

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Know Before You Go: Who Can Legally Inject Botox and Fillers?

With stories about unlicensed providers injecting fake Botox® at home parties and day spas injecting silicone into unsuspecting patients, it can be overwhelming to consider getting an injectable anti-aging treatment. How do we protect ourselves from scam artists; how do we know who can legally inject Botox and fillers?…

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Where Should I Go to Get Botox?

Over four million Botox treatments were administered in 2015, a massive growth since it first came on the market as a cosmetic treatment in 2002.  So if it seems like everyone is getting Botox, it’s because they probably are! And it’s not just celebrities and…

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Botox for Strabismus

One of the non-cosmetic uses for Botox that has been studied and used over the last 25 years is in the correction of eye muscle disorders such as strabismus. Strabismus is more commonly known as “crossed eyes”; this occurs when one or more of the eye muscles are…

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