ABOUT - Skin by Lovely


Our Founder: Lovely C. Laban MSN, GNP-C

Lovely was born and raised in a progressive hippie community in the Pacific-Northwest, where she developed a personal appreciation for natural beauty in all ways of life. This deeply- rooted philosophy, combined with her love and compassion for others, has since grown into a strong personal foundation that influences both her personal and professional life. Lovely has built her company on the foundation of giving back to those around her and is guided by a genuine belief that the most important thing Skin by Lovely can deliver is not just physical improvements in appearance, but increased self-confidence.

A natural educator, Lovely has educated thousands of physicians and other licensed health care professionals around the United States and Canada on achieving amazing results with injectable products such as Botox, Juvéderm, and Restylane.

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Skin by Lovely was founded in 2009 by Lovely C. Laban NP-C MSN, a recognized leader and educator in the field of natural-looking non-surgical facial aesthetics. She co-founded her first location in Beverly Hills after 5 years of working in one of the country’s busiest Botox clinics in the 2000’s.

She moved her practice west to Santa Monica in 2010 and surrounded herself with a team of like-minded professionals who were interested in doing good for people by making them feel more confident about their appearances.

In 2014, Lovely decided that she wanted to return to her Pacific Northwest roots and ‘moved home’ to open Skin by Lovely Portland on 23rd Avenue in the city’s famed Alphabet District. The Portland location quickly became rated the #1 clinic on Yelp for Botox in Portland and the #1 practice for Botox® Cosmetic in Oregon. Four years later, with rapid growth and very high demand, Lovely opened her second Oregon practice in Lake Oswego.


What makes Skin by Lovely different is that our expertly trained providers focus on only a handful of the safest and most effective FDA-approved treatments on the market today. We aren’t driven by trends, fads, or gimmicks, just the most time-tested, safe, and effective non-surgical medical facial aesthetic treatments available. As a result of this focus, we are certified by Allergan®, the makers of BOTOX®, as one of the Top 10 most experienced BOTOX® clinics in the United States, #1 BOTOX® Cosmetic Provider in Oregon AND the #1 BOTOX® Cosmetic Provider in Santa Monica, so patients can trust our experience. Let us help you feel your absolute loveliest!

At Skin by Lovely, we specialize in only three things:

  • Wrinkle relaxers – like BOTOX® and Dysport
  • Dermal Fillers – like Juvederm® and Restylane®
  • Medical Grade Skin Care – like SkinMedica™


We believe in giving back to the communities in which we live, and are actively involved in supporting worthwhile causes, hosting charitable events, and raising donations for local charitable partners. We invite our patients to participate in these activities with us so that they can enjoy that feeling of giving back.