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Pre & Post Care

Health and safety is a priority at Skin by Lovely and we want the best for your skin. Please review our four areas of expertise and recommendations for pre & post care to receive the best treatment.

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Chemical Peel - Patient Resources

Chemical peel

The chemical peels offered at Skin by Lovely range from very superficial to superficial and are designed to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Before and after your treatment, try to follow these recommendations in order to achieve and maintain your results.

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Dermal fillers - Patient Resources

Dermal fillers

Whether you’re preparing for cheeks, temples, lips, chin or tear troughs dermal filler, there are foundational tried-and-
true instructions we suggest to all of our dermal filler patients. We call these instructions “pre and post-care” and strongly suggest our patients follow them to ensure the best experience and results possible.

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Wrinkle relaxers - Patient Resources

Wrinkle relaxers

Fed up with forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet? For all of our wrinkle relaxers, we recommend following these easy pre and post treatment instructions to help decrease the likelihood of bruising and more!

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Micro-needling - Patient Resources


Micro-needling treatments create micro-injuries to the skin. This treatment is great for improving the tone and texture of skin, reducing the appearance of scarring, as well as helping diminish unwanted pigmentation. To get the best results, follow these directions.

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