Which chemical peels does your skin need most? Read about our specialty chemical peels below to find out what we offer, then you can ask our facial skin-care experts for personalized advice in order to get the best results for you.

Chemical Peels at Skin by Lovely

Skin by Lovely, located in Santa Monica, CA, and Portland, OR, offers chemical peels in addition to our numerous injectable facial rejuvenation treatments. These skin rejuvenation treatments offer numerous benefits; these include solutions for fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and melasma, skin redness, and even acne.  Which chemical peel is right for you?

SkinMedica Illuminize and Vitalize Chemical Peels

SkinMedica Chemical PeelsIdeal for sensitive skin and new clients, the SkinMedica Illuminize Peel uses malic and mandelic alpha-hydroxy acids to gently purify the skin while reducing all skin irritation and inflammation. Combined with mild phytic acid, this treatment brightens the skin with very minimal peeling to help reduce acne and blackheads. It also encourages the skin to repair light scars as well, enhancing the overall skin tone by slightly lightening freckles while simultaneously promoting a more even skin tone.

SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel is one of the strongest treatments to help heal sun-damaged skin, reduce and prevent acne breakouts, smoothen fine lines and repair minor scars. One of its key ingredients is salicylic acid, which opens clogged pores and reduces the skin’s inflammation at the same time. The Vitalize Peel effectively removes old, damaged skin cells within just one treatment to create a clearer complexion that can last for months, and a series of treatments yields the most optimal results.

The VI Peel

vipeelBeneficial for all skin types and ethnicities, the Skin by Lovely’s VI Peel is gentle enough to treat age spots or wrinkles under the eyes, yet it’s also strong enough to produce more youthful, clear skin after only three days of light peeling. The VI Peel uses a blend of trichloroacetic acid, also known as TCA, which naturally tightens skin and helps heal both discolorations and acne scars. The high-collagen content of the VI Peel chemical peels effectively slows down the skin’s aging process even further to create a beautifying face lift for fuller, glowing skin at the same time.

Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel

Administered by facial skin-care experts, the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is most suitable for transforming splotchy skin into a more balanced and evenly toned complexion. This peel helps regulate the skin’s melanin production to promote a uniform skin color, and it’s effective for most skin types with melasma discolorations, which can come from hormonal changes. The Cosmelancosmelan-depigmentation-peel Depigmentation Peel utilizes antibacterial azelaic acid and naturally lightening kojic acid to make blemishes fade away while purifying oily skin. This peel treatment consists of two parts: the initial application of the skin mask at the clinic and the application of prescribed after-care creams at home for two weeks or more as needed.

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