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Meet our Co-Founder and namesake, Lovely Laban GNP-C MSN


Lovely Laban was born and raised in a progressive hippie community in the Pacific-Northwest, where she developed a personal appreciation for natural beauty in all ways of life. This deeply-rooted philosophy, combined with her love and compassion for others, has since grown into a strong personal foundation that influences both her personal and professional life.

Lovely’s childhood was shaped by many factors, but the two most influential were her father, Love, and her mother, Felicity. Originally founding the community, Love believed that love, inclusion, and togetherness were of the utmost importance in day-to-day life. Felicity, a natural caretaker, showed Lovely what it meant to give-back to the community around her by serving as the community’s nurse.

Inspired by her father’s entrepreneurial and loving spirit as well as her mother’s warm and giving heart, Lovely knew by the age of 16 that she wanted to pursue a career in nursing. Her educational path led her through nursing programs in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But it was her Master’s level training in Gerontology – the study of aging – that ultimately shaped her decision to begin a practice of her own.
Having witnessed a powerful internal struggle among her patients – that of wanting to age gracefully, yet turned off by the overly-done norms of the aesthetics industry – Lovely set her sights on Aesthetic Medicine.

In 2009, Skin by Lovely was born and has since grown to include over thirty employees and two locations across the west coast, Santa Monica CA and Portland OR. As Lovely’s team grew, the core goal of Skin by Lovely became more and more apparent; to help people feel more confident about themselves in a way that stayed true to their natural beauty. Lovely knew that the best way to do this was by focusing on and offering only the safest, most effective treatment options on the market.

Since opening her practice, more than a dozen Skin by Lovely Injection Specialists have completed Lovely’s in-house residency program, an extensive training program that ensures that every member of Skin by Lovely’s clinical team shares in her ‘natural-looking is the best-looking’ philosophy. Not only has her own clinical team completed her rigorous training curriculum, but also hundreds of physicians and other aesthetic practitioners have completed various injectable training courses at Skin by Lovely.

Lovely has built her company on the foundation of giving back to those around her and is guided by a genuine belief that the most important thing Skin by Lovely can deliver is not just physical improvements in appearance, but increased self-confidence.

Looking ahead, Lovely is more excited than ever for her team to continue to provide the best care in field of natural-looking, non-surgical facial medical aesthetics.

Under Lovely’s leadership, Skin by Lovely will always strive to be a place that not only delivers the best results, but genuinely cares about the person in the exam chair– and that’s what makes Skin by Lovely, lovely.


Lovely has served as an expert on aesthetic injectable patient safety for NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates, been featured in numerous notable publications including Town and Country magazine, USA Today and The Oregonian, and is an ongoing contributor for industry and news websites including In With Skin and Radar Online. She is proud to have served on Allergan’s ACE training team for more than half a decade, is a member of the elite ACE meeting faculty, and is a trainer for Galderma Laboratories, L.P. She has also presented at conferences such as the American Society of Plastic Surgery Nursing, the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery Nursing, and numerous regional scientific meetings.
Lovely earned her Masters of Nursing Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and her undergraduate Nursing Degree from Seattle Pacific University. While at UCLA, she concentrated her research on subject of Gerontology, the scientific study of the process of aging; and she applies this knowledge daily in her practices.

Lovely currently splits her time between Santa Monica, CA, Lake Oswego, OR, and Portland, OR where she is raising her two children, Ondine and Orson, with her husband Jake. When not working, Lovely can be found enjoying the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, hiking, traveling and savoring the intricacies nature.

Lovely C. Laban GNP-C MSN is the:

Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Skin by Lovely, an Allergan Top 10 Pracitce with offices in Lake Oswego, OR, Portland, OR, and Santa Monica, CA.
Founder and Lead Educator of InjectionU, a hands-on facial aesthetic course that focuses exclusively on injectables like Botox, dermal fillers and Kybella.

Co-Author of ‘Foundations of Clinical Skin Care’, an educational course for clinical aesthetic professionals.