A day in the life of Lovely LabanIf you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lovely Laban, GNP-C MSN, you know how captivating she is. There’s just something about her grace and calming demeanor that pulls you in. She is kind, confident, and incredibly intelligent- making her just the type of person you’d want to trust with your face.

Lovely is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Medical Director of Skin by Lovely, one of the top aesthetic injectable practices in the country. Lovely specializes in Neuromodulators, Dermal Fillers, and Skin Rejuvenation treatments that refresh and rejuvenate her patients year-round.

10 Questions with Lovely Laban

Want to get to know the lady behind Skin by Lovely? Here are 10 questions with Lovely Laban:

  1. How long have you been injecting?
    For over 12 years! It’s definitely a life-long passion for me.
  2. How did you first get started in the field of Aesthetic Medicine?
    During graduate school I took a position as a laser nurse and fell in love with making people feel better and more confident. The physician that I worked with ended up training me on aesthetic injectables, and I felt that I would have a much more positive impact in people’s lives through this field. I was around for the launch of Allergan’s Juvederm and was able to participate in a split face study comparing it to Galderma’s Restylane. My love and passion for the aesthetic industry was ignited!
  3. Why did you want to start your own business?
    At the age of 16, I said that I wanted to have my own practice by the age of 30! It just so happened that my husband, Jake, and I met when I was 29. He also happened to have his MBA in business and finance AND helped launch Botox Cosmetic! We both felt that there was a lack of specialized injectable practices whose sole focus was patient satisfaction…thus Skin by Lovely was born.
  4. What is your favorite aspect being the Co-Owner and Medical Director of Skin by Lovely?
    Having such an amazing team to lead! I’m learning as I go, but I love that my team feels comfortable enough to be honest with me.. if something isn’t going right, etc.
    Sometimes I want to pinch myself thinking about how much we have grown and how quickly! I love hearing from patients how much they love our team and the experience they’ve had at Skin by Lovely.
  5. What is your favorite part about your work day?
    When our amazing team collaborates. At Skin by Lovely we have daily morning huddles as well as monthly meetings. I love the energy and excitement from our entire staff during them!
    I also love nurturing our patients and the relationships that we form.
  6. What do you feel is the most common misconception about the aesthetics industry?I think a lot of people feel that taking care of themselves and their appearance is often unnecessary or even vain. Many women especially feel guilt when they invest in themselves. What they need to realize is that when a woman feels beautiful and confident she becomes powerful. Its energizing and empowering! Also, the fear of looking unnatural… but I think that one is improving.
  7. Do you have a favorite product to inject?
    I am in love with Juvederm Vollure. It’s a beautiful Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler for the lips and around the mouth. It’s smooth and silky, and has a long duration.
  8. What is your favorite skincare product right now?
    SkinMedica’s HA5 is pretty amazing! It is a super-duper topical hyaluronic acid serum that plumps the skin immediately, and then helps your body produce more of its own HA over the span of 8 weeks. I love it under make up and I also apply it to my patients after procedures!
  9. Any exclusive ‘beauty secret’ you can share with us?
    Start taking collagen protein peptide supplements. I love the one made by Vital Proteins. There are new studies coming out that show that it actually helps to repair our collagen and inhibit its degradation. I stir the powder into my coffee or mix it into my morning oatmeal.
  10. What is the one thing you would tell any future patient of Skin by Lovely?
    Go into your consultation with an open mind. Often patients are hesitant to trust aesthetic providers, and shame on those that “up-sell,” but at Skin by Lovely our goals and the patients’ are aligned. Our clinicians are artists and take a very holistic approach to the face. We are very much team-based, so those with more complex aesthetic needs are in luck! We have a team of experts that collaborate to create the best treatment plan. We are going to educate patients on how facial aging takes place and how we can support them through the years. We will always be honest and our goal is patient satisfaction… regardless of what you spend.

Lovely Laban is available for appointments at Skin by Lovely’s Portland location. She is also an educator and trainer for InjectionU.