With her spunky vibrant demeanor, Sam makes each and every patient who sits down in her treatment chair feel special. A Lake Oswego native, Sam has gained a reputable following from the local community. Passionate about health, fitness, and encouraging patients to be the best version of themselves, Sam plays a key part in our Lake Oswego family. Scroll down to learn more about Sam.


Skin by Lovely Injection Specialist, Sam Stirek

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Portland and raised in Lake Oswego. I’ve been here all my life!


Why do you love the community of Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego has always been such a tight-knit community that is super family oriented. I’ve felt really supported through the schools I’ve attended on my dance team, and the business community. There are so many small businesses here and they work together to build each other up.


Where did you attend college and what is your degree?

I went to Oregon State and I was in their honors college. I originally was a microbiology major but switched to nutrition which is something I really enjoyed. My minor was in Psychology.


Skin by Lovely Injection Specialist, Sam Stirek What was your introduction to aesthetics?

I first thought I wanted to get Into Dermatology or even Plastic surgery. After college, I worked at a doctor’s office, got to know the nurses, and decided to go to nursing school. While I was there, I started to think about what nursing path I would take after and vividly remember googling online and coming across Skin by Lovely. I remember the moment when I saw the website and my mom was right behind me and I said, “This is exactly where I want to work one day!” Once the Lake Oswego clinic opened, I came in as a patient and got my foot in the door. From the moment I walked in, I always felt so welcome and loved the relationships I made with the providers and aesthetic consultants.


What do you hope patients can take away from their treatments with you?

Sam Stirek Lake Oswego Provider


My goal is to enhance patients’ favorite features and ensure seamless, undectable results.  I want my patients to leave feeling more confident in their own skin. I love complementing patients’ natural beauty and harmonizing their features with our treatments. It takes a lot of vulnerability to sit in a chair and open up to to a stranger about insecurities. I strive to create a safe environment for my patients where they feel they can share details about themselves. I feel so lucky to be a part of my patients’ lives during the time we spend together.

How would you describe your patient care style?

Energetic, honest, open, and trustworthy. I care deeply about my patients and will always recommend what is best for them. I value open communication and bringing forth positive energy.


What is your favorite skincare product we offer and why?

I love Alastin Restorative Complex! This is my desert island pick; it hydrates, plumps, builds collagen, and protects from environmental stressors.  My other favorite is Instant bright eye. It has really taken care of my dark circles.


What is your favorite part of working at Skin by Lovely?

The people I get to work with every single day! I love my coworkers and I love interacting with patients. We get to help people feel better about themselves and the relationships we form are so special. There aren’t a lot of jobs in healthcare where patients are excited to be sitting in the treatment chair, which makes this job extremely special. Aesthetic medicine is the perfect blend of science and art and I am so lucky to be a practitioner in this field.

Skin by Lovely Injection Specialist, Sam Stirek


Pick one Kybella, Botox, or filler?

Botox! It is the gateway to all other treatments and is also such a good way to dip your toes into aesthetics if you are a first timer to injectables. Botox makes people feel better about themselves. It is clinically proven to elevate your mood. You are not physically able to frown, and it’s clinically proven to elevate your mood. Not to mention it makes your skin GLOW! You must try it.

What is your favorite product to inject?

I love the Resilient line of fillers. There is one for every area you need, they look super natural, and they are smooth to inject. There is so many great products and I choose a product based on each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals.


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