Gone are the days when women (and men) relied solely on daily moisturizers and night creams to hold onto their youthful glow. Back then, we weren’t as fortunate when it came to advanced skin care products and treatments. So once those supposed wonder creams starting losing their “magic touch,” many women resorted to scary and often times, extremely noticeable, plastic surgeries to “fix” the effects of aging on their skin.

Oh, how times have changed.

Neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, & Xeomin) are now the household name in the anti-aging game. Super effective in banishing those pesky wrinkles from the forehead and around the eyes, women and men of all ages are beginning to find that it’s an affordable treatment that can naturally enhance the appearance of their skin.

It’s never too late for a Botox treatment. But with that said, there are tons of great perks in taking the proactive route. You may have heard the term “baby”, “micro”, or “mini” Botox, which was coined by patients being treated with minimal units of neurotoxins as an effort to maintain a very natural look while also preventing deep wrinkles from ever surfacing.

“Mini Botox” certainly has its advantages. For one, patients enjoy the subtleness of the treatment – they leave their appointment with the confidence knowing that they won’t appear “frozen,” or lacking all muscle movement. By injecting only the bare minimum of Botox starting as early as their 20s, they are maintaining a smooth and youthful look and also avoiding future wrinkles.

Forget feeling fake or spending an arm and a leg, mini Botox is ideal for the au naturale kind of folk and also those who are on a budget!

Here are 7 reasons why you may want to consider getting a “mini Botox” treatment

  1. You’ll still show expression

Surprised? You’ll show it. Angry at your significant other? Oh, he (or she) will know it. Since mini Botox still allows for a wee bit of muscle movement you’ll still show your emotions.

  1. All the celebrities are doing it (so it must be a good idea)

Ever wonder why those celebs in their 30’s and 40’s look so effortlessly amazing? You may also notice that on screen they can still scrunch their noses and lift their brows. Yep, you guessed it. Mini Botox is their little secret (and we’re telling!)

  1. You’ll be way ahead of the game

You know how they say, “the early bird gets the worm?” Plan ahead with your wrinkles and need not worry down the road when all your 30-something friends start to freak out about their crow’s feet.

  1. It’s virtually pain free & requires zero recovery time

Botox injections hurt way less than an ant bite. And even if you leave the medical office with slightly raised and pink bumps, you can rest assured they’ll be gone and you’ll be as good as new in an hour, tops.

  1. There will be time to “experiment”

Remember that time your friend went to a local aesthetics office with a daily deal coupon? And left with 20 too many Botox injections? With mini Botox treatments (and of course, researching the best aesthetics office in your area), you won’t have to worry about this scenario. You start small and with time, you and your highly trained Injection Specialist can assess the perfect “formula” for your face.

  1. No one will suspect a thing

With mini Botox treatments, you’ll still have some muscle movement. Being able to show expression means that no one will speculate if you’ve been getting Botox. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us.

  1. You’ll save money on makeup & ineffective skincare products

You can finally stop purchasing all those products which falsely claim to hide and/or get rid of wrinkles. With the exception of Retinol formulas and a few other medical grade products, most skin care with these claims are worthless. And for what you’re spending on it all, you could be getting mini Botox injections every few months, which actually work!

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Post contributed by: Leslie Thomas, Aesthetic Consultant