9 Things To Know About the Visia Skin Analysis

with Advanced Aesthetician Hannah Scamehorn


Have you ever wondered if there is a way to know what was going on beneath your skin’s surface— a way to see underlying pigment, inflammation, or even “invisible” UV spots? Say hello to the Visia Skin Analysis!

The Visia Skin Analysis System can do all of these things and more! This high-tech way of taking progress photos shows us there is more to the skin than meets the eye.

Ahead, Skin by Lovely’s Hannah Scamehorn CAE discusses the 9 things to know about the Visia Skin Analysis and how it can be an asset to your skin-health journey.

About Hannah Scamehorn CAE:Skin by Lovely’s Hannah Scamehorn

Hannah is an Advanced Aesthetician at Skin by Lovely’s Portland and Lake Oswego practices. She has a passion for helping patients achieve their skin-health goals by working with them to create customized treatment plans.
She offers chemical peels, microneedling, microneedling with PRF, and skincare consultations with our Visia Skin Analysis.

You can follow Hannah on Instagram: @lovelylittletreatments. 


1. What is the Visia Skin Analysis System?

The Visia Skin Analysis System is an incredible tool that gives us a detailed baseline image for when we begin our time together as patient and provider.

It reveals different characteristics such as texture, pigmentation, and inflammation, and presents a feature count number we can refer back to at future appointments in order to monitor progress.

I prefer not to spend a lot of time looking at my patient’s initial Visia images, as it is easy to focus on the negatives (hello close-up!) when we do not have an after photo to focus on improvements.

These baseline images enable me to see the overall health of your skin, which can be revealed when looking at the inflammation portion of the analysis. This helps me tailor my recommendations for at-home and in-office products and treatments.

2. Why do you recommend Visia Analyses to your patients?

I recommend doing periodic Visia Analyses to track a patient’s progress.
iPhone and digital photos do not pick up slight details like reduced pore appearance or improvement in texture.

Just like seeing a family member or pet each day, it’s hard to notice them changing or growing older. This goes for improvements and changes in our skin too. Sometimes, it can be more difficult to tell when you see yourself 24/7.

You’d be amazed at what medical-grade skincare can do for you in as little as two weeks, and the Visia is the best at showing your progress for instant gratification.

3. What are some of the things the Visia can show us about the skin?

The Visia Analysis has six main categories— Wrinkles, Texture, Pores, UV Damage, Pigmentation, and Inflammation.

The Visia Analysis takes into account your gender, age, and skin tone to determine where you measure up against others in their skin-health journey. This number is ever-changing as more and more patient demographics get added to the software database daily, which

Visia Skin Analysis results

makes me like to steer away from pointing out percentages to my patients.

Your skin-health journey is uniquely yours, and factors such as genetics, lifestyle, habits, etc., are not considered in the percentages.

That’s why the only number I’m looking at when comparing your results is the feature count for each category. That way, we are only measuring your results against your previous appointment!

4. How do you use the Visia System to improve skin conditions?

I love using the Visia as a way to track our progress during our time together as patient and provider. Our initial set of photos truly actsHow to use the Visia Skin Analysis as a baseline for our skin-health journey.

I love to use the photos to make sure my patient’s skin is responding in the way I’ve anticipated based on my treatment and skincare recommendations.

My patients’ before and afters truly mean just as much to me as they do to them because they are ultimately trusting me and my treatment plan.

I’ll always be honest if I don’t believe their skins responding as anticipated so we can adjust their treatment plan.

5. Who is a good candidate for a Visia Skin Analysis?


There are a total of nine flashes (all while your eyes are gently closed), so if someone has light-induced migraines or epilepsy, I would recommend an alternative way of capturing photos.

6. How often should someone receive a Visia Skin Analysis?Visia Skin Analysis results

When implementing new skincare, I recommend checking in at 2 or 4 weeks to see how the skin is responding, especially if we are preparing for treatments such as microneedling or chemical peels.

In between treatments at 4-6 week intervals is plenty.

*Note: mental health is SUPER important to me, so I do offer to skip Visia check-ins at follow-up appointments if someone isn’t quite up for looking at a detailed analysis of their skin on that particular day.

7. How should a patient prepare for their Visia Analysis?

Coming in with a freshly cleansed face is ideal, so we can hop right into the Visia. This is also helpful, as some patients with sensitive or flushing skin can appear a bit more inflamed after a cleanse.

However, we know this isn’t always a realistic request, as many patients come from other appointments, errands, or work and may need to wear makeup or their tinted SPF before coming in, so facial cleansing is available once you arrive at Skin by Lovely.

8. How much does a Visia cost?

Visia Skin Analyses are complimentary at all Skin by Lovely locations.

9. Where can I get a Visia Skin Analysis?

You can get a Visia Skin Analysis at our Portland, Lake Oswego, Camas, and Santa Monica locations.

How to schedule an appointment for your Visia Skin Analysis

Hannah is available for skin consultations and treatments at our Lake Oswego and Portland practices.

Skin consultations can be scheduled at any of our four locations on our website at skinbylovely.com or by calling us at (877) 568-3594.

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