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(Hint: It all Starts With Your Sleeping Position)

Everyone knows that getting plenty of rest is vital for the mind, body, and spirit. Sleeping at least 8 hours every night is a given if you want to look and feel your best. It supports a healthy immune system, helps prevent dark under-eye circles, encourages a good mood, and assists in productivity at work.  


But those 8 hours of much-needed rest can also bring on wrinkles, dry skin, breakouts, and puffy eyes if you’re doing it all wrong. With your head pushed down face-first into your pillow, you’re just asking for premature and/or pronounced wrinkles. And if you neglect to clean your bed sheets regularly, you’re inviting excess body and hair oils all over your face. See how that great night’s sleep can actually be your skin’s worst enemy?


Not to worry though, “beauty sleep” doesn’t just have to be something people say if you can abide by these easy, tried-and-true bedtime beauty tricks.


Sleep Like a Vampire

Yes, it sounds funny (and a bit creepy) but adopting what’s known as the “coffin position” is probably the most important tip we can give you. When you repeatedly sleep with one side of your face smashed against your pillow, you’re gradually forming creases in your skin. When we were younger and our faces had fantastic elasticity, this wasn’t a concern. But as we age, we lose the collagen necessary to support our skin. So eventually, the wear and tear from our faces buried in our pillows will start to show.


Sleeping on your side or worse – on your stomach doesn’t just take a toll on your face. These sleeping positions will affect the appearance of your chest too. Known as “cleavage wrinkles,” the lines and creases many of us have running up our chest are a direct result from sleeping on our side every night.


Sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid wrinkles on your face and your chest. But if this is just too uncomfortable or induces snoring, at least try to vary up your sleeping position each night so that you’re not always pushing one side of your face into your pillow.


Prop Your Pillow

Are you a victim of puffy eyes in the morning? It might be because there’s a buildup of fluid hanging out under your eyes all night long. While sleeping on your back may alleviate most of the AM puffiness, you may want to go a step further and add a second pillow under your head that’s just slightly propped up. This way, any excess fluid can more freely drain through your sinus cavities and nasal passages.


Use Satin Pillow Cases

Want to wake up with softer skin that doesn’t feel like it was stripped of all its moisture overnight? Then investing in a satin (or silk) pillowcase may be beneficial! Because satin regulates temperature and holds onto moisture much better than cotton, you’ll notice that your skin won’t feel as dry each morning.


Your hair will reap benefits, too! Satin pillowcases are a great way to prevent split ends and breakage since there’s little to no friction working against those delicate tresses. And again, since satin holds onto moisture, your hair won’t feel (or look) near as dry or brittle. For those with extra fine, tangly, and/or curly hair, satin pillowcases can be a game-changer. No need to spend 10 minutes picking apart knots in the AM as you’ll wake up with tangle-free hair every morning.


Invest in a Humidifier

Unless you’re living in the tropics, you’d benefit from having a humidifier in your bedroom (and any other room you spend a lot of time in). They add moisture to the air, thus adding moisture to your skin, making it hydrated, soft, and smooth. Especially during wintertime, when the air is its driest, humidifiers are vital to your skin’s health.


Clean Your Sheets Every Week

There’s no getting around it – we perspire every night while we’re sleeping. Many of us shower in the morning too, which means all the dirt and oils that we’ve accumulated on our bodies during the day are resting on our sheets and pillow cases every night. This grime accumulates over time, and if you don’t wash your sheets routinely, could absolutely lead to break-outs – even if you’re not break-out prone.


Change your sheets every single week. And if your skin is on the oily side, change out your pillowcase twice a week.


Getting your Z’s is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. We’re all about a good night’s sleep too. Just remember to adapt these few beauty sleep tricks of the trade and your skin won’t be compromised during those eight (or ten) hours of pure restful bliss.


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