Dysport is an injectable wrinkle reducing treatment that is actually made from the same neurotoxin as Botox. Popular all over the world, this amazing treatment was originally formulated to treat neuromuscular disorders and is now being used by residents all over Los Angeles to restore youthful vitality by smoothing out facial wrinkles and lines.

How it Works

This effective treatment is injected directly into the specific facial muscles that are responsible for your lines and wrinkles. It relaxes these muscles on a temporary basis, diffusing anywhere from one to three centimeters outward from the injection point.

Once those muscles are relaxed, wrinkles will gradually smooth out. The effects will start to show between one and seven days after your treatment and can last anywhere from three to six months. Touchups may be needed to maintain the smooth, even texture of your skin. Our highly trained and experienced staff are experts at precision and efficiency, making Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica the best place to receive your Dysport treatments in the Los Angeles area.