Have you been offered cheap Botox in Los Angeles or elsewhere? If so, you should beware. In recent years, the FDA has cracked down on hundreds of suppliers who are selling unlicensed versions of this popular medication. If you live in the Los Angeles area, the best way to ensure that you receive top-quality, FDA-approved Botox is to visit Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica.

Unapproved versions of this product, which often come from foreign suppliers, present many dangers. At the very least, the product will be diluted and ineffective. In the worst case, you could receive injections of a medication that is contaminated or improperly stored, which can lead to pain and infection. Additionally, if you’re receiving treatment in an unsterile environment from someone who isn’t properly trained, you’re putting yourself at risk for complications. Administering this treatment requires extensive training and a clean, sterile environment, and that’s what you’ll get at our Los Angeles area clinic.

You deserve the real thing, and Skin by Lovely is the top choice in Los Angeles for affordable, safe and FDA-approved Botox. As a national training center for this procedure, we adhere to the strictest standards to keep our clients healthy, happy and looking great.