Let’s face it; confidence is sexy. Pair it with a bold red lip and you’ll turn heads. Exude it with your perfectly planned responses at your next job interview and you’ll most likely get the gig. Flaunt it just about anywhere and you’ll appear more attractive than ever and also taken more seriously.

But how does one gain such confidence? Well, that is a loaded question.

Find it from within. Because even if your mom told you 1,000 times over again how beautiful, talented, and smart you are – it may have not “stuck.” You have to believe it for it to be true. It doesn’t just come naturally and it won’t happen overnight either. But you can start by acknowledging your greatest achievements, your sincerest moments, and your healthiest life choices. That time you made your friends laugh until they cried? You are funny. Embrace it! Or that time you jumped out of a plane with a parachute? You’re courageous! Be proud. Oh, and what about that time you helped the elderly woman with her groceries? You’re a good samaritan. No need to gloat, but don’t forget about it either. Learn to accept your imperfections too. We all have them. Whether it’s your crooked smile, your nervous laugh, or even your social awkwardness, there’s no need to dwell. You are who you are and it’s those quirky (and often, less than ideal) imperfections that make you, you!

I’ve learned some hard truths in my 31 years of life. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or how naturally beautiful you are. Those genetic predispositions actually don’t get you too far in life. Take for instance one of my old friends, who will remain nameless. She would tell you right now that school was never really her forte. But the girl has confidence and motivation like no one I’ve ever met. She got through college with tutors for almost every course and then stopped at nothing to work her way up the career ladder in a Fortune 500 company. Her IQ, which she claimed was “embarrassing” and her nose, which she often deemed “huge and crooked” never stood in the way of her dreams. From her love life to her career, she’s done all the right things. And more than anything, I attribute that to her confidence. She owns who she is and all that it entails. The girl always dreamed big and was determined to make things happen.

I’ve also learned that first and foremost, you need to know what it is you want in life. And then, you need to do everything in your power to get it. Hardships will happen but it’s perseverance that builds character and confidence. Because once you’ve jumped over those sky-high hurdles, you’ll have confidence in knowing that you usually do have control of your destiny. And you can almost always achieve whatever it is that you want, so long as you have the confidence and willpower to get there. Sometimes it means “removing” negative energy from your life – whether it’s a bad friend, habit, or job. It also means recognizing your mistakes and being aware of your results. And it will always mean keeping your “eye on the prize” every step of the way.

Sometimes though, we just need a little confidence boost. It will come in different forms for everyone and while the intrinsic kind seem like they’d be the longest-lasting, the extrinsic kind can go pretty far too. Whether it’s an awesome compliment on a discouraging day or a new pair of glasses that make us feel stylish and studious, a confidence “pick me up” can assist us in asking for that long-deserved promotion at work or finally going on a date after a year of post break-up “recovery time.”

At Skin by Lovely, I witness transformations in patients’ confidence each and every day. It’s one of the many reasons I enjoy working here. Our patients can always count on feeling safe and respected, which gives them confidence in knowing that they’ve chosen the right practice for their aesthetic needs. Our patients can also always expect results with every treatment too. It’s these results that give many of our patients that boost they need to feel and look their very best. From conservative Botox injections to tackle that angry-looking frown line to a subtle filler treatment for those tired, dark eyes, I’ve seen patients’ demeanors dramatically change after a single treatment at Skin by Lovely.

We’re not suggesting that injections will instill confidence in everyone. We all find confidence in different ways. But no matter how you find it, do know that it can be…well, life-changing.

Post was contributed by: Leslie Thomas, Marketing Coordinator