Latisse is a popular prescription treatment used to increase the thickness and length of eyelashes and deepen their color. When used as directed, it doubles the thickness of eyelashes and makes them 25 percent longer. It is safe and 100 percent effective, but several myths about the product persist. Skin by Lovely, one of the most popular medical spas in the Los Angeles area, recommends the product and offers the following clarification.

Does Latisse Change the Color of Blue Eyes?

When used correctly, there is no evidence that the treatment changes eye color. The active ingredient in the product was originally marketed as a treatment for glaucoma and applied directly into the eye. Delivered in this fashion, the drug did sometimes darken hazel eye colors. However, when applied to the lashes alone, this side effect has not been reported.

Will It Affect Eyesight or Cause Blindness?

The product will not cause blindness or any vision changes, even if it is accidentally applied directly into the eyes.

Can It Permanently Darken the Lash Line?

A few patients have experienced some darkening of the lash line, but this is temporary and reversible upon discontinuing the product.

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