Your face is the outfit you wear every day, so when you consider injectable treatments it only makes sense you should be extra critical about whom you select to perform your aesthetic injectable treatment.

As with any specialized medical procedure, you probably assume the person has a medical degree and a license. However, in the state of Oregon, someone giving an injection doesn’t need to be licensed, a fact that has opened the door to botched injections—and little recourse for you, the patient, if any.

At Skin by Lovely, we are proud to say we hire only state-licensed, and properly trained medical professionals. Specifically Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Medical Doctors. As an added layer of safety and protection for our patients, all candidates go thorough a background check and a rigorous 90 day training program consisting of four modules of didactic and hands-on training.  This commitment to quality training and patient care is what sets Skin by Lovely apart in the Portland, Oregon area.

The training, known as the ‘SBL Residency and Fellowship program’; it is structured like a University course of study. Created and run by founding and nationally recognized injectable trainer, Lovely Laban, GNP-C MSN, our clinician-training program works through four levels of complexity:

* SBL101: Facial Anatomy and the use of Neurotoxins

* SBL201: Restoring volume with Dermal Fillers

* SBL301: Full Face Restoration –combining use of Botox (eyes and above) and fillers (eyes and below—generally)

* SBL401: Tips on different proprietary techniques for maximal anti-aging effects.

Consider asking these five questions before receiving injectables from anyone:

1. What are the medical credentials of person injecting me today?
2. How long has this person been injecting patients?
3. Are there any testimonials you can share of this person’s work?
4. May I see before and after pictures of past patients?
5. Beyond medical background, what kind of ongoing training does the person get?

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