There’s a new trend in Valentine’s Day beauty: Full, luscious, well-defined lips.  And while there are many makeup tricks to help you achieve a fuller lip, it washes away with cleanser that night.  So that leaves us all wondering…

Should I get my lips plumped for Valentine’s Day?

A Lip Enhancement FAQ for Hopeless Romantics

How can I get my lips bigger?

There are different ways to plump up your pout that fit into any budget, including long-lasting makeup tricks and injectable fillers.

For an at-home technique, makeup tricks are one of the easiest ways to get immediate results (if you aren’t worried about smudging) using a combination of liners, glosses, contouring creams, concealers and lipsticks.  These can help achieve a fuller looking mouth for last minute results, but we highly recommend that you practice different ways to achieve this look before you decide to go out.  There are many tutorials available on YouTube.

If you’d like fuller lips without the complications of contouring and makeup tricks, there are many lip fillers that are designed to boost the size of the lips, like Restylane Silk and Juvederm.  These dermal fillers are designed to enhance the plumpness of the mouth when administered by a medically licensed healthcare professional.  After your initial injection, your lips will be a little tender and swollen, but after 2-3 weeks, you’ll see your final result for a natural-looking lip enhancement that will last you for 6-9 months.  Better news is that, if you don’t like your results, it’s completely reversible.

Can Botox enhance lips?

It’s a popular misconception that Botox is used in the lips.  However, Botox is not often used anywhere near the lips and is not a volumizing product.  Botox is a muscle relaxing injectable, used for crow’s feet, forehead lines and the frown lines between the brows (called the 11’s).  Less often, Botox is used for fine lines around the lips, but these are more often corrected using a dermal filler like Restylane Silk.

What types of lip fillers are there?

For full, pouty lips, there are several different injectable fillers available. Medical-grade silicone and collagen used to be the go-to form of lip enhancement, but have taken a back seat to the better, safer results obtained using hyaluronic acid fillers.   Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient that is normally found in the skin, but as we age, it breaks down.  Injectable fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm, aim to reintroduce this vital, youthful ingredient into the area to restore facial fullness, enhance lips and/or improve symmetry.

What lip fillers did Kylie use?

While Kylie Jenner did come clean about using lip fillers, she did not discuss which filler was used to give her that now famous pout. However, it’s most likely that she received a hyaluronic acid-based filler like Restylane Silk or Juvederm.  However, it’s important to note that only a consultation with your provider will determine which fillers are right for your needs, not what a celebrity uses for herself.

At what age can you get lip fillers?

In theory, it is possible to get lip fillers at just about any age; however, injectable fillers often have an FDA approval age of 21 and older.   If you are 18-21, discuss your options with one of our injection specialists.  If you are under 18, your provider and parents must make the decision together on your behalf.

Can I do lip fillers at home?

As a medical procedure, and because of potential side effects, lip augmentation treatments should never be done at home.   Only consent to receiving injectable treatments performed by a licensed healthcare provider in a medical establishment.

How can I plump my lips naturally and safely if I’m too young for fillers?

If you’re underage, or you aren’t a good candidate for injectable fillers, you still have options.  Keeping your lips well hydrated to prevent drying and cracking can help maintain their fullness over time, and exfoliate using a specially designed product for lips.  Also be mindful of your personal habits, like drinking through straws and smoking.  These can increase the lines around your mouth sooner than the natural course of aging, making your lips appear thinner.

Steer clear of any products claiming to enhance your lips through suction.  Many girls who tried the #KylieJennerChallenge walked away with severe swelling, bruising and tissue damage.  Stick with makeup tricks until you’re ready to receive a lip enhancement treatment.

Should I get my lips plumped for Valentine’s Day?

Whether you want a boost in self-confidence or just wish that you has larger lips, lip fillers are a temporary yet long-term solution. Designed to give you luscious, kissable lips, these injections have minimal side effects and only take a short office visit to administer.  Just be sure to schedule your treatment for at least 3 weeks prior to any big event, including a Valentines’ Day date, to ensure best results.

Schedule a consultation with one of our injection specialists today to find out if lip augmentation is right for you.