Senior Aesthetic Consultant Paula plays a key role in our Santa Monica office. Passionate about patient experience, she brings with her fourteen years of managerial experience. Through her five years at Skin by Lovely, she has created strong lasting relationships with patients, helped create our company core values, and is a leader for her team. Keep reading to get to know Paula.


Where were you born and raised?

Santa Monica beach

Born in Portland Oregon and I lived there until 5 years old. I have a lot of memories there, so I really feel like when I got to Portland there is a sense of home there. I lived in Lacey Washington from age five on.


What brought you to Santa Monica?

when I visited family in Long Beach at fourteen and saw the palm trees, I just knew I belonged here.


Describe your job history and what led you to Skin by Lovely.

I built a career at Nordstrom and managed the children’s departments as well as the women’s and men’s departments. I think starting in retail management taught me the value of taking care of people, customers, and employees. It led me to the belief that we can do anything to take care of the customer or patient. When I started at Skin by Lovely in 2017, I felt that as a team we could instill these values within ourselves and core values as a company. Meeting Lovely herself and recognizing she operates out of a place of putting others first confirmed this was where I wanted to be.


What brought you to the aesthetics industry?

I did always want to go into skincare because growing up my mom was so passionate about skin and taking care of ourselves. I think it’s magic that we can enhance a natural look. It’s powerful we can give that to our patients.


Skin by Lovely Senior Aesthetic Consultant

What do you love most about LA?

I love how every day is a new adventure and how you could go 20 minutes away and you’re up in the mountains or an hour and away and there’s snow. I love that people take care of themselves and value a healthy lifestyle. It’s motivational for me.

Do you have any awards, degrees or certificates under your belt? Did you study at a particular school?

I attended a private college called Alliant University in San Diego and studied International Business. It was 70% International students and teachers. I am currently going to massage school. The pandemic has given me time for reflection and one of the things I want to do is heal people as a hobby. I love making other people feel good through energy work. I am currently working towards my certificate!


What do you love most about being at Skin By Lovely?

I love how everyone takes care of each other and respects each other. Everybody has life experience outside of Skin by Lovely but we all come together to take care of each other and take care of our patients. Our company creates a culture of self-care.


What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions of the Aesthetics industry?

I feel the keyword that people use is plastic and there is a lack of education out there as to what dermal filler and Botox are. It has a lot to do with the unnatural look. I think this industry is just now starting to take off. I’m able to answer questions and educate patients and friends. I can break down those walls and misconceptions.Skin by Lovely holiday party


How do your own core values align with Skin by Lovely’s core values?

Well-being is important for me. For me that is working, out, reading good books, spending time with my team of people. Passion to me is knowing if you are going to do something you’re going to put your whole heart into it. These are all personal values that align with Skin By Lovely.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself at Skin by Lovely. I’m very loyal and SBL is my main squeeze! I love sales and would like to create a position involving sales that involves the patient experience. It is nice to have that natural joy in a role and benefit the company on a business level.




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