From Los Angeles to New York City, thousands of Americans take advantage of botulinum toxin each year. This substance may sound a bit scary, but it is actually the active ingredient in Botox injections. Many people believe that the substance can be risky, but a Botox treatment carried out by a professional is a safe and effective way to achieve a more youthful appearance.

One of the most common myths surrounding the drug is that it interferes with facial expressions. In reality, facial expressions are only distorted after excessive injections or improperly conducted procedures.

Another common superstition is that Botox is harmful to the body. Pure botulinum toxin can have a negative effect, but the injections used in the procedure contain low concentrations of the substance. The injections also target specific areas to make sure that the effect of the toxin is isolated to those areas.

Before undergoing a treatment, many people worry that the injections will be painful. The injections are actually almost painless, and many patients compare them to mosquito bites or pinpricks. If necessary, the injection sites can be numbed with ice or a local anesthetic prior to the procedure.