Eating healthy has always been one of the top ways in which you can achieve a better body, better health and even better looking skin. You can use a proper diet to help ensure that you are always feeling and looking your best. There are a few super foods that can be incorporated in to your diet, as they have some amazing benefits that can help with not only your overall well being, but also make your skin healthier as well. Brussel sprouts are one of those special foods, and the they can help you in various ways.

From an overall health standpoint, brussel sprouts provide your body with the benefit of having high levels of Vitamin C, sulforaphane and are high in antioxidants. When these key elements are combined, you have a better change at protecting yourself against viral infections and cancer. In fact, brussel sprouts can be considered one of the top anti-cancer foods that is commonly consumed.

You skin can also benefit by eating brussel sprouts, as the high levels of Vitamin C found in this particular vegetable. The way in whcih the Vitamin C supports better skin is through the production of collagen which is manufactured through Vitamin C. This alone can give you skin that has better elasticity and thus looks and feels younger and more youthful looking.

Incorporating brussel sprouts in to your diet is one way you can help take better care of your body, on both the inside and on the outside.

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