Puffy eyes happen to just about everyone. Reasons for puffy eyes abound, and drinking too much the night before is definitely one of them. Drinking alcohol dehydrates our skin. Over the years, heavy drinking will damage the skin as well as some of our internal organs, so it’s never a good idea to imbibe too much.

Alcohol might make us sleepy, but our sleep is troubled after a night of drinking. This is another reason folks often have puffy eyes after drinking the night before. Sleep is disturbed while our bodies metabolize the alcohol. Most of us don’t get the deep sleep we need after a night of drinking.

That’s not to say drinking has to be completely off the table. That isn’t true. It’s okay to drink wine or beer, or even harder liquor, on occasion. The truth, however, is that if we continue drinking beer night after night, it will show in our skin. Both women and men who drink regularly have tougher facial skin and more wrinkles. Blotches sometimes appear on the skin as well. The dehydration that alcohol causes is hard on the skin, and this shows up on the faces of drinkers no matter what skin care regime they adopt.

One way to cut down on the puffiness that can occur after a night of drinking is to alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. Not only will this reduce puffy eyes the next day, it will also cut down on feeling hung over. Also, moisturizer should be applied to the skin beneath the eyes. Eye moisturizer is available in drug stores, but any gentle facial moisturizer can be applied to the skin beneath the eyes.