Latisse: Our Santa Monica clients will notice a clear difference in the length, fullness and darkness of their lashes. No more mascara or eyelash extensions!

Restoring long, full eyelashes helps to create a youthful, radiant look. At Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica, our highly trained specialists offer professional treatments to enhance the appearance of eyes including the popular Latisse treatment for thickening, lengthening and darkening eyelashes. The product works by extending their growth phase of your lashes.

Some people have avoided the product because of misconceptions concerning its safety or side effects. What worries most blue-eyed patients is the myth that Latisse can alter eye color. Before it was marketed as an eyelash treatment, the active ingredient in the product was used to treat glaucoma. This formula was much stronger, and it was applied directly into the eyes. In some patients, it did darken the color of the iris. After being reformulated as a cosmetic treatment and applied only to eyelashes, this side effect was eliminated. Latisse is safe and effective, causing no changes in vision or permanent skin pigmentation.

To get longer, thicker lashes with Latisse and enjoy other aesthetic treatments from one of the Los Angeles area’s most popular medical spas, consult the expert clinicians at Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica today.