Juvederm has become a rising trend in the cosmetic industry, and for good reason. This outpatient treatment can give you a more youthful appearance in no time! Juvederm is a filling agent that relies on hyaluronic acid, its primary ingredient, that’s already found within your body. And best of all, it’s extremely safe, fast and effective.

The cosmetic trends of today focus less on pulling and tightening skin and more on filling skin out. Filler agents have gained such popularity because they can plump up skin and erase wrinkles from within. These fillers are injected directly into the problem areas with little to no downtime. Most fillers have very few side effects because they typically contain natural ingredients.

Because Juvederm and other fillers are naturally composed, they will eventually be reabsorbed into your system. As with most other fillers, this means you’ll have to repeat the procedure about every six to nine months to maintain your desired results.

Juvederm is most commonly used in the mouth area to erase deep wrinkles around the jaw, mouth and nose. It can also be used as for lip enhancements, or to fill out scar tissue.

Though there are similar products on the market today, Juvederm enjoys a reputation for being easy to inject, making it a winner among patients and clinicians alike. This is due to its liquid-like texture, which allows it to be more comfortably injected than most other gel fillers. Give us a call if you think this injectable might be just what you need!