Latisse has been clinically proven to increase the length and thickness of eyelashes, but it typically requires daily usage for optimum results. Because of this, many consumers look for ways to save money when purchasing this miracle product. One of the best money-saving tips is to purchase the largest bottle possible.

A 3mL bottle of Latisse will generally last one month if the product is applied every day. However, it can take up to six weeks of treatment to notice any changes in the appearance of the lashes. This is why it may be more beneficial to buy a 5mL bottle to save money on Latisse. After several months of use, applications can be reduced to every other day, so a larger bottle may last a few months.

You can also use a regular eyeliner brush for applying the liquid. Some people use a different applicator for each eye as well. By placing a drop of Latisse into the bottle lid, you can wet the eyeliner brush without wasting any solution. Preserving as much of the liquid as possible and buying larger bottles will save money in the long run, so you can enjoy the effects of this amazing product without stressing about the cost.

Watch our video below on how to apply Latisse effectively: